Digital Marketing

In Today’s world, every business needs a presence on the digital platform to increase the success rate of the business through reaching targeted customers with digital content to suit their needs.

Social Media Marketing

Does your business have its own Media pages on Facebook, Twitter? Are you looking for efficient marketing benefits through your social media? 89% of small businesses find that social media marketing helps them gain exposure and increase their web traffic.

Social Media Marketing requires a creative understanding of one’s brand. We will not only monitor and update on your company’s behalf, but will also build up an understanding of your business’s unique perspective and goals to the viewers.

Our Social Media Marketing Services include

  •   Social profile creation, management & optimization.
  •   Video, image & audio strategy implementation
  •   Brand promotion through Social media

Email Marketing and Campaign

One of the direct way to communicate with customers is Email Marketing. Through email marketing one can introduce them to new products and services, invite them for events and discussions, ask for feedback and more…

We will help you to find the right people to reach your brand. We will help you setup your account with CRM platforms like MailChimp, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce etc., properly brand your email template, and then will run a successful campaign to the targeted users.

Our Service includes:

  •   Email design template
  •   Campaign Monitor
  •   Automated Email Marketing

Analytics Consulting:

We help you to track the detailed success rate of your digital program through analytics report. This includes KPIs such as traffic of the site, daily interaction on the social media and setting up the analytics to monitor site activities etc..

This will support to understand the interaction and to develop stronger relationship in digital platforms.

Services we offer:

  •   Google Analytics setup
  •   Regular Analytics report
  •   KPI development