Bulk Email System

Bulk Email Service

A bulk email service allows you to send email communications to large lists of multiple recipients by incorporating email into your applications.

Bulk email is used for newsletters or marketing email. A bulk email service allows you to send to any list, regardless of its size. Bulk email services include email campaigns, bulk emails, newsletters, mass emails, and announcements.

We maintain standard mail format for each type of email we send out into your lead lists and ensure that they are returning your customers. Your engagement data, including spam reports, unsubscribes, and open and click rates, will tell you whether your message is hitting the mark. Our business plan ensures to provide reliable bulk emailing services and thus have helped us to become the leader in bulk email service provider among our competitors.

Our enterprise class intelligent email delivery engine gives you better email delivery.
The frequency at which you send is entirely up to you, and should be based on what the recipients expect.
Blue web’s bulk transactional email pricing and bulk email marketing pricing are based on the volume of email you send, not the size of your list.
The bulk email service can be enabled with minimal changes to your application.
The marketing email service allows non-technical users to send bulk newsletters and other bulk emails using a drag-and-drop interface.
Bulk email Service is a service which gives you a sure shot success for sending it out to the right people at right time.

Our software Specialization

  •   Our email marketing software created to design, send and monitor bulk messages.
  •   Direct Sending Mode
  •   Relay Sending Mode
  •   Burst Sending Mode with unlimited email accounts
  •   Detailed Sending Monitor
  •   Detailed Sending Results Analyzing
  •   Ability to resend unlimited times to failed recipients